Who are we?

Established in 2013, Roadplan offers architectural and engineering services. We design roads, conduct expert assessments and prepare traffic safety audits.

It is important to us that our work is of the highest quality and the project is safe, sustainable and visually pleasing.

In order to achieve the established goals, we involve all of the necessary parties (including landscape architects) in the project, to ensure a solution that has been thoroughly analysed, takes into consideration every detail, is safe and fits in with the surrounding environment.
It is important for our team to develop along with the field and to use innovative solutions in order to provide ever improving results. Our clients can rest assured that we guarantee the quality of our service and, if necessary, we will also advise the client during the construction phase.

Roadplan is a pioneer in the implementation of infraBIM design in Estonia.


2 years in a row – 2017 & 2018 – Estonian Gazelle Company

Nr 1 Road design Company in Estonia 2016 – nominated by Estonian Road Administration

We were awarded the title of “Best Entrepreneur 2013” at the competition organised by the Tartu City Government. In addition, Bisnode has upgraded our credit rating to AAA, the highest possible level.



We have been a member of the Estonian Association of Architectural and Consulting Engineering Companies since 2013. The aim of the EAACEC is to protect the interests of end-users by establishing quality requirements for construction work.


In 2016, we received a creative industries export grant from Enterprise Estonia in amount of EUR 49,999.32. The project was funded by the European Regional Development Fund and is aimed at improving the export ability of Roadplan through the exporting of our services into selected target countries.

Our story

  • 2020
  • 2019
  • We got ourselves ISO9001ja ISO14001sertified!

  • We grow again – 3 new team members!

  • 2018
  • First InfraBIM pileot projects wit Estonian Road Administration are finished

  • For the second year in a row we are on the list of Estonian Gazell Companies

  • In May we open new, bigger office in Tartu

  • The first export contract is signed

  • 2017
  • 2 new members join our team

  • Estonian Road Administration nominates us:    “Nr 1 Road design Company in Estonia 2016”

  • We become a member of Digital Construction Cluster

  • 2016
  • The Tapa project – our largest so far – is completed

  • In December, our Tallinn office opens

  • We receive the export grant for creative industries from Enterprise Estonia 

  • Expansion –  three additional engineers join our team

  • In May, the Soohara-Karisilla project is completed in cooperation with the Road Administration

  • 2015
  • We prepared the safety report for 1250 km of TENT-T roads

  • We add two members to our team

  • We become a member of the EAACEC


  • 2014
  • Start of cooperation with the City of Tartu

  • We move to a new office on Tiigi Street

  • We are awarded the title of “Best Entrepreneur 2013” at the competition organised by the Tartu City Government.

  • 2013
  • Collaboration with our first corporate client, the Estonian Road Administration, begins


  • We receive a start-up grant from Enterprise Estonia 

  • #
    Indrek, Riho and Priidu found Roadplan